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Beki Powell is a New York-born, Miami-based multi-media artist, DJ, and designer born and raised in New York. Her artwork ranges from big oil paintings to large-scale installations, often marked by vivid, dreamy colour palates and heavily defined imagery.


When it comes to music, she applies the same principles she does to art.  A few key words: Restraint, Depth, FEELING.  Always in the business of RESPECTING the GROOVE.


Beki has participated in dozens of exhibitions both solo and collaborative over the past decade.  She has held DJ residencies in New York, Miami, and Montréal.  Beki is an extremely prolific artist – since childhood, she has not stopped generating creative output, and her range is incredibly vast.  She is versatile in every sense of the word – whether it be art, music, writing, modeling, even designing and constructing clothing from scratch, she does it all, but most importantly, she does it well.  Her motives are nothing more than the pure, intrinsic enjoyment of conceiving an idea and making it a reality.  That’s why she can’t stop, and it’s why she never will. 


It is Beki's firm, genuine belief that art and music are meant to be shared.  There is nothing like experiencing those profound, emotion-soaked, electrifying moments evoked by music and art alongside the hearts of others.  Beki thrives in collaborative environments, bearing a sort of sentiment that the best kind of art happens with ego loss – when we join forces with other artistic minds and just completely surrender to pure, unadulterated creativity, to produce something bigger than us.  Please feel free to allow your paths to intersect hers; her doors are always open and welcoming.

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