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Slim Leaf Tea -- 14 Day Tea Detox for Weight Loss and Digestive Health - Appetite
Suppressant - Anti Gas and Bloating - Herbal Cleanse for Intestinal Health (14 tea
bags - 3g ea)


  • JUMPSTART YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS - Weight loss isn't easy, but this 14
    day detox tea helps you kick off your fitness goals in a big way. Slim Leaf Tea
    can help you shed the pounds quickly and easily, and support a consistent,
    healthy body weight.


  • INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS - This vitality-boosting blend includes ginseng, sencha, oolong and yerba mate which give you a clean, smooth boost of energy to get you through your day. Slim Leaf Tea flushes out those heavy toxins that slow you down, so you could perform at your peak.

  • IMPROVE DIGESTION AND INTESTINAL HEALTH - Slim Leaf Tea supports a healthy digestion process. Its gentle cleansing formula helps rid the body of excess waste, restoring essential balance in the gut to keep everything running smoothly.

  • SUPPRESS APPETITE AND CURB CRAVINGS - If you're like many of us, you might struggle with resisting the urge to snack between meals, or find yourself overeating at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Slim Leaf Tea helps decrease your appetite and increase satisfaction after eating, to make you feel fuller, longer.

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE RESPONSE - Slim Leaf Tea helps to bolster your body's natural defenses, as powerful time-tested herbs strengthen the immune system. That means less time spent sick in bed, and more time enjoying life with your loved ones. 



Jumpstart Your Weight Loss and Feel Amazing in Just 14 Days!

Kick that heavy, sluggish feeling and purify your body from the inside out with Slim Leaf Tea. An invigorating, antioxidant-packed blend of natural teas and herbs help to create balance from within by gently flushing those unwanted toxins that slow you down.

Yerba mate, sencha and oolong are the star teas in this vitality-boosting brew, praised for their abilities to boost energy levels and improve metabolism. Spearmint, lemongrass and orange peel add a subtle aroma and delightful flavor as they support gastrointestinal health. Ginseng increases energy and provides immune system support. Senna promotes gentle cleansing to help your body get rid of excess waste.

Slim Leaf Tea helps… 


• Reduce bloat to achieve a slimmer look and flatter belly 
• Decrease appetite and increase feelings of fullness 
• Lessen cravings and resist unnecessary snacking 
• Flush out toxins and excess waste 
• Boost metabolism and support a healthy body weight 
• Give you more energy and motivation to stay fit 


Slim Leaf Tea is a great natural option for those searching for a safe and natural way to maintain a healthy body weight. It's perfect for both women and men, and can be a great addition to your diet and exercise regimen.

Ingredients in this purifying blend include: yerba mate * sencha green tea * oolong tea * spearmint * lemongrass * orange peel * Siberian ginseng root * hawthorn * chinese medlar * lotus leaf * senna 

Enjoy this bright and balanced brew hot, or pour over ice for a refreshing cold beverage. Enhance flavor by adding some fresh lemon and/or honey, for a sweet and tangy taste experience.