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Dream Elements Sleep Mask -- 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask - with Foam
Ear Plugs & Anti Snoring Nose Clip - For Men & Women - Great for Travel - 
Hypoallergenic Mask


  • DRIFT INTO DEEP, RESTFUL SLUMBER  - Made of the finest, softest silk
    available for breathable, luxurious comfort, the Dream Elements Sleep Mask
    helps you get the restorative sleep you need to feel refreshed every day.


  • REDUCE HEADACHES & RELIEVE DRY EYE - This premium quality eye mask blocks light which can aggravate headaches. Pure mulberry silk lets healthy oxygen in and keeps irritating dry air out, to alleviate dry eyes. 

  • IMPROVE BREATHING & STOP SNORING - Interruptions in breathing can interfere with your quality of sleep. Our Breathe-Easy Nose Clip helps maximize airflow through your nasal passages to make breathing easier and quieter.

  • BLOCK SOUND TO ELIMINATE SLEEP DISTURBANCES - Whether it's morning, day or night, our Sleep-Soundly Earplugs block out disturbing noise to ensure an uninterrupted sleep cycle. 

  • DISCOVER YOUR PERFECT TRAVEL SLEEP KIT - This lightweight mask is the perfect solution for sleeping on the go. Paired with our Sleep-Soundly Ear Plugs and Breathe-Easy Nose Clip, you're guaranteed quality sleep wherever you are. 



Indulge Your Eyes in Deep, Restful Slumber

Treat your tired eyes to the luxurious comfort of 100% pure mulberry silk. Our Dream Elements Sleep Mask helps you get the deep, restorative rest your body & mind need to feel good every day.

Why Mulberry Silk?

• Natural mulberry silk is hypoallergenic and won't cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin. 
• It is superior in strength, quality, softness and shine.
• It is breathable and pleasant on the skin, making it ideal for all night wear.


Dream Elements Sleep Mask is Also Great for…

• Dry-eye & headache sufferers
• Shift workers who sleep during the day
• Air, train, or car travel
• Sleeping late or mid-day napping
• Yoga & meditation

Our soft strap easily adjusts to fit your head, and won't move or slip off while sleeping. It doesn't get tangled in hair or snag your pillow like others often do.

Along with your sleeping mask - you'll also get as a bonus:


Breathe-Easy Anti Snoring Nose Clip: Our nose clip dilates your nasal passages to reduce snoring and ensure smooth, easy breathing all night. Place protruding round tips over the septum and up into your nostrils to improve airflow. Clean after use with mild soap and water.

Sleep-Soundly Soft Foam Ear Plugs: These essential earplugs keep noise disturbances from interfering with your sleep cycle. Soft foam fits snugly into the ear canal to provide a lasting seal, while remaining comfy enough to wear for long periods of time.


Quality sleep is the key to a quality life. So pamper yourself and start sleeping better tonight with our Dream Elements Sleep Mask.