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I have a seemingly eternal fascination with reflections. Mainly, the parallel visual universes that are created when imagery is reflected.  Whether it’s via mirror, glass, plastic, water, or any other reflective surface, strange phenomena tend to happen when life is imitated in a confined space, especially when it is subject to the warping specific to the material doing the reflecting.  I have an eye for spotting these optical wonders in their natural state, and further, I’ve developed the ability to subtly affect and manipulate them.


The paintings in this series are born from a multi-stepped process. First - I find, or create, one of these strange worlds. Then I capture the image, framed how I want it to be, via photograph. Lastly, I turn the photograph into a painting (usually large-scale).


Somewhere in this translation, all of the beautiful little details produced by the arbitrary combinations and interactions of light and colour generated by Mother Nature, are amplified and come to life as the image transforms into something surreal, a new world that never existed before, a dreamscape.


Often times the paintings will become photographs again, which I’ll end up digitally manipulating, and sometimes even turn back into a painting, and so on and so forth.

 It is sort like a never-ending recycling process in which, virtually infinite visual possibilities can come out of a single image.  What began as a simple intuitive fascination with a natural phenomenon has resulted in some amazing new artistic territory that I will only continue to explore further. 

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