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Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray -- for Relaxation and Deep, Restful Sleep - Soothing

Essential Oil Blend - Formulated with Lavender - Orange - Ylang-Ylang - Chamomile - and

Vetiver (4oz)


  • SLIP INTO DEEP RELAXATION - Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray harnesses the
    ancient healing power of aromatherapy. A soothing blend of fragrant botanical oils help to
    restore essential balance in the mind and body, and provide total relaxation. 

  • TAKE THE EDGE OFF - Watch your worries dissolve into the dark night, as gentle natural
    sedatives like lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang calm the senses and lighten the
    burden of stress. All you have to do is kick back, relax and unwind.


  • DRIFT OFF INTO RESTFUL SLUMBER - Our spray infuses your pillow with calming essential oils, to help you sleep like a baby - and wake up bright and refreshed. These plants have been studied for years and praised for their sleep-promoting properties. Bedtime has never been so inviting!

  • ADOPT HEALTHIER SLEEP HABITS - Incorporating this spray into your nightly ritual allows you to associate the process of falling asleep with something pleasant and calming. For those who struggle with sleep issues, adding an element that you find enjoyable helps you form new, healthier sleep habits which can be key to consistent, restorative rest.

  • TAKE THE TRANQUIL WITH YOU - You can bring Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray with you anywhere! A little mist of fragrant serenity can make any foreign space more comforting, especially when you're away from home and having a hard time relaxing.



The Deep Sleep Spray that Soothes Your Senses

This delightfully fragrant pillow mist adds a soft, soothing touch to your nightly sleep ritual. Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray is specially formulated to promote total relaxation and deep, restful sleep

The delicate aroma of our essential oil blend envelops the senses with pure serenity. This helps you relax and prepare for bedtime. We include only the most effective, time-tested essential oils in our formula.


•  Lavender improves mood and relaxation.
•  Vetiver eases stress and anxious feelings.
•  Chamomile induces calm, restful sleep.
•  Orange reduces restlessness and stress.
•  Ylang Ylang acts as a gentle natural sedative.


Our spray uses aromatherapy to restore balance and harmony in your body & mind. Several studies have found that aromatherapy helps promote relaxation and restful sleep. That's because scents have the power to instantly evoke emotion. They can trigger memories, feelings, and different states of mind. 

A pleasant smell can help connect the process of sleep with something positive and pleasurable. It's like a cue for the brain. As soon as it catches a whiff of that scent, your body knows it's slumber-time. Incorporating this pillow spray into your evening ritual can help regulate your sleep patterns to ensure consistent, restorative sleep - every night.

Start enjoying the benefits of peaceful relaxation tonight, with Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray.