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by Beki Powell


My latest endeavor:  Large satin square scarves; 39"x39" - The images printed on the scarves are taken from my original oil paintings. The scarves are all hand-signed to order, and only a limited amount of each style will be sold.


These scarves are highly versatile, acting as both a garment and a unique piece of fine art - Wearable art. The material is extremely soft and pleasant on the skin, yet is still sturdy and strong quality for long-lasting use. The colour is bright and vibrant, and looks beautiful on all skin tones.


The scarves can be worn in countless ways......


Here are some really cool and creative variations taken from LA stylist Lauren Messiah's blog:


Not to mention - shirts, shawls, sarongs - Sky's the limit!

Currently, there are three designs available.  Below are the featured paintings.

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