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It is in the interaction of elements where creative substance forms. It's all about dynamics. Dynamics between sounds, melodies, between people. As mechanics, we are manipulators, creators, artisans, technicians. Layering and pairing existing bits of matter - sound, colour, personalities, fashioning different situations through exploring their combinations - sometimes knowing how the interplay of these will react, sometimes not and surprising yourself with the outcome.

In a world with virtually infinite raw material, the next level is to activate these components by throwing them in the same dimension of time and space. What will come of their interactions? Something NEW. This is the essence of the universe.

Beginning with microelements, moving toward bigger more complex entities made up of these smaller elements, moving toward even more massive celestial bodies made up of even more matter made up of matter made up of matter, and so on and so forth. Electronic music is a perfect microcosm for this. It’s a universe of its very own. And like the grand universe, it’s only expanding.

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