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Shit has changed. They all said it would, and they were right. Except they said it would be the end, which it was, but not of the world. It was the end of a paradigm. I knew something was coming, something big. A shift. A big shift. And it came, and it’s still happening. It’s something between us all, the connections forming in the space above us, the transparent, cosmic cloud that is our thoughts, interconnecting. I know you feel it too.


I always believed in magic, and I always believed I was a bearer of it. But I couldn't move things with my eyes like they did in the movies; I could only feel it in my heart. Now, watching how it’s all beginning to unfold, I can see that the magic is more extraordinary than I could have ever dreamed it to be.


The universe affects us, as we affect the universe. And this is our time. Time to play. Play with the universe, fuse imagination with reality and see what we can create. We, the dreamers, as lucid now as ever, are just beginning to tie all these bits and pieces together.

We’ve been dreaming a long time, training for this day, when these two disparate dimensions would finally merge. The dream world, the real world. Transitioning from a life of unyielding structure and fixed conditions to embracing a universe that’s as malleable as clay.  What will we do today….

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