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Periphery was created for my senior thesis at NYU.  The theme was inspired by a previous installation I had done entitled "Space Hop" where I gridded off a large square space in what was once the dining room of my apartment.  The installation mimiced a board game I played when I was young that my father designed.


In Periphery, I created two diametrically opposed spaces in the gallery, one in black and white using electrical tape, and one in which I hand painted with acrylic house paint.  The point was to create a sensation of being enveloped by geometrics, to come into contact with art as a sort of peripheral, whole-bodied experience.  The squares undulate in frot of your eyes, inverting, receding, popping, in and out, invoking a sense of complete disorientation. The viewer is immersed in extremely loud geometric noise, which seems to be both discombombulating and  pleasurable at the same time.


I also included a painting, Flash, which was situated to the right of "High Deaf."  You can read more about it in the paintings "about" section.



"PERIPHERY" © Beki Powell 2009


Commons Gallery at New York University

New York, NY


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